Microwave steriliser Suavinex

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TMicrowave steriliser Suavinex

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Description The microwave sterilizer can sterilize Suavinex 3 bottles and accessories with intense water vapor in 7 minutes. Top Transparent and handle for easy handling. Sterilization Tray Up to 3 bottles of any size, their teats and accessories. The holes in the base allow water vapor to pass. The bottle stands, given its unique design, ensuring that the bottle is sterilized well both inside and out. Base With a capacity of 200ml. water. Tweezers To prevent tampering with the bottles, teats and, once sterilized. Instructions for use Wash and rinse the bottles, teats and before placing them in the sterilizer. Pour 200ml. water at the base of the sterilizer. You can use a bottle to measure the amount of water. Place the bottles in the sterilization tray. The correct position is one in which the bottle is securely fastened and does not move, allowing the steam to reach all parts of the bottle. We recommend mounting the nipples on their threads to avoid being manipulated after sterilization. Close the sterilizer is fitted lid placed on the tray for sterilization. Place in the microwave and set the length of the process based on the performance of the device Wait 2 or 3 minutes to remove the sterilizer from the microwave as it can be very hot. Remove the bottles, teats and other accessories of the container with the tweezers. Rinse with soap and water sterilizer after use to prevent limescale. The sterilizer can be washed in the dishwasher. The microwave sterilizer keeps Suavinex sterile bottles and accessories for 3 hours if the lid is lifted. Important Recommendations After sterilization, we recommend waiting a few minutes or use gloves to remove the container from the microwave sterilizer safe: both the container and the water contained in the database will be very hot. Do not let the sanitizer out of reach of children, especially when you just used. Do not use chemical sterilizing solutions. Advise you to check the composition of the sterilized product is compatible with estesistema sterilization. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer. Use only with polycarbonate bottles.