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Probimel |Lactobacillus acidohilus GS -125 cc

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Probimel is a probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus strain GS ,
provides 1000 millons  CFU / ml lively, active and stable environment.


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These lactobacilli are grouped into so-called beneficial bacteria belonging to the healthy intestinal flora. Live naturally in the human body and is found mainly in the intestines and vagina. This kind of lactobacilli produced in the body the formation of lactic acid clockwise L (+), assimilated by the body that helps maintain an acidic environment in the body by helping to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Encouraging the development of healthy bacteria.
Lactobacilli improve the balance of the intestinal flora, prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, help to restore the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and microflora balance (dysbiosis), influence the regulation of the pH of the digestive system,  reinforcing the immune response body and modulate proinflammatory cytokines
Lactobacillus Probimel content, has a special adaptation. In cultivation "in vitro" has been specially prepared and entered in symbiosis with other bacteria that form the living substance of producers in this crop, about 14 days .The duration lactobacillus exposed to extreme conditions, acquiring and a special strength to withstand the attack of gastric juice in the stomach and the intestine to pass.
Uses and dosage Probimel
Probimel is indicated as a probiotic in states of alteration of the intestinal flora, improving bacterial flora in situations such as, normalize bowel function in case of travel, after the use of antibiotics, after onset of diarrhea by ingesting chemotherapy.
If traveler's diarrhea, gastroenteritis or enrolled with diarrhea, Probimel intake shortens recovery time.
For its probiotic effect improves the body's immune response and is particularly recommended as an adjunct in treatment and diets associated with ulcerative colitis, Crhon syndrome irritable bowel disease, and other autoimmune diseases as spondyloarthropathies character, enrolled with diarrhea and alterations . Some of intestinal flora studies indicate the pro-inflammatory action of Lactobacillus Acidophilus GS.
Promoting the conversion of lactose into lactic acid clockwise assimilated by the body, which improves the digestibility of milk, use after being advised intake of milk and dairy products that cause bloating, flatulence and slow digestion.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus GS helps maintain vaginal pH naturally, causing the vaginal mucosa is hostile to other bacterial species and some fungi.
Infants: 1-2 ml / day
Children from 2 years to 12 years-2.5 ml / day
Youth and adult: 5 ml / day
Adults with chronic illness or deficiency states:
10 ml day the first month, from the month maintenance phase 5 ml
Over 70 years. 10 ml / day