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Blemil Plus forte 1

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Blemil Plus forte 1 is a milk for suckling babies that completely satisfies the nutritious necessities with new born from its birth to 6º month of age. Blemil Plus forte 1 1 is milk for suckling babies more innovating and more similar to maternal milk since it reunites in his composition the nutrients necessary to assure an optimal growth and development of the suckling baby, and to promote the correct maturation of its immune response. Blemil Plus forte 1 includes in its composition: Proteins: Rich séricas proteins in bioactivos factors: They favor the maturation of the immune system of the suckling baby. It emphasizes his content in inmunoglobulinas (in front of constitute forward edge external of defense the infectious agents and other aggressions) and lactoferrina (fijadora iron protein, with inmunomoduladora activity, antimicrobial and bactericidal). α-lactoalbúmina: Protein fraction of high biological value that allows to adapt the protein contribution to the degree of maturation of the baby, maintaining an elevated concentration of essential amino acids. Nucleótidos: The development and maturation of the digestive system and the cellular and humoral immune response take part in. Carnitina: Indispensable for the efficient oxidation of fatty acids and the obtaining of energy from such and great importance in the development and maturation of the cerebral structures. Bullfighting: It contributes like the AGPI-CL to the correct maturation and development of the Central Nervous System and the retina. Carbon hydrates: Lactose combination and dextrinomaltosa: It assures a good digestibilidad and absorption carbon hydrates and aid to diminish the osmolaridad. Prebióticos (galactooligosacáridos): They improve the balance of the intestinal flora, when fomenting the growth and proliferation of bifidobacterias and lactobacilos of tracto digestive, helping to prevent the appearance with pathogenic microorganisms and being stimulated the maturation with the natural defenses at local and sistémico level. Fats: AGPI-CL ω-3 (DHA) and ω-6 (Araquidónico): Essential for the correct development and maturation of the Central Nervous System and the retina, favoring an increase of the visual sharpness and the indices of mental development, besides to act like inmunomoduladores. 23% of β-palmitato: It facilitates to the suckling baby one better digestion and absorption of the fat and calcium, and the lee formation smoother and more similar to those of the suckling babies fed with maternal milk. Vitamins and minerals: Is enriched in a vitaminic and mineral complex that covers the daily requirements with the suckling baby, within that is possible to emphasize zinc (related to the correct operation of the natural defenses; its deficiency affects the antirust growth), and vitamins and minerals (they prevent the formation with free radicals and the oxidation of the AGPI-CL, helping to his correct conservation and nutricional advantage).